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Blk Malleable Thread Fittings

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  • Black fittings are used to make connections to black iron pipe.
  • Black fittings obtained their name from the black oxide scale covering their surface.
  • Galvanized fittings are malleable fittings that are galvanized to protect the pipe fitting from corrosion.
  • We stock black and galvanized fittings from 1/8" up to 4"
  • Material: ASTM A 197
  • Dimensions: ANSI/ASME B 16.3 and B 1.20.1
  • Threads: Machined complying with ANSI standards

Malleable 45
Malleable Bushings
Malleable Caps
Malleable Couplings

Malleable Cross Tees
Malleable Elbows
Malleable Extension Couplings
Malleable Floor Flanges

Malleable Plugs
Malleable Street 45s
Malleable Street Elbows
Malleable Tees

Malleable Unions