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  • Tephlon tapes, chemical block, cutting oil, duck butter, furnace and stove cement, gripp, jel flix, groove pipe lube, thread sealant, open mesh, pro dope, PVC shower pan liner cement, PVC glue, PVC primer, real tuff, silicone, solder paste, hand cleaner wipes, Johhny-Ring wax gasket, plumbers putty and others.

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Product Image Model- Qty. Weight Item Name
Tephlon Tape 1/2" X 520 TT12520 500 0

Tephlon Tape 1/2" X 520

Tephlon Tape 3/4" X 520 TT34520 500 0

Tephlon Tape 3/4" X 520

8oz. Block CHEMBLK8 500 24

8oz. Block

1gal. Clear Cutting Oil (128oz.) CHEMCOCG 500 0

1gal. Clear Cutting Oil (128oz.)

1qt. Clear Cutting Oil (32oz.) CHEMCOCQT 500 0

1qt. Clear Cutting Oil (32oz.)

1gal. Dark Cutting Oil ((128oz.) CHEMCODG 500 0

1gal. Dark Cutting Oil ((128oz.)

1qt. Dark Cutting Oil (32oz.) CHEMCODQT 500 0

1qt. Dark Cutting Oil (32oz.)

2lb. Duck Butter CHEMDB2 500 6

2lb. Duck Butter

1/2gal. Furnace/Stove Cement (64oz.) CHEMFC12 500 0

1/2gal. Furnace/Stove Cement (64oz.)

8oz. Gripp CHEMGRIP8 500 24

8oz. Gripp

16oz. Gripp CHEMGRIPPT 500 12

16oz. Gripp

Johni Quick Bolts 5/16 CHEMJB 500 0

Johni Quick Bolts 5/16

4oz. Jel Flux CHEMJELF4 500 0

4oz. Jel Flux

8oz. Jel Flux CHEMJELF8 500 24

8oz. Jel Flux

Qt Groove Pipe Lube CHEMLUBEQT 500 0

Qt Groove Pipe Lube

8oz. Megaloc Thread Sealant CHEMMGL8 500 0

8oz. Megaloc Thread Sealant

16oz. Megaloc Thread Sealant CHEMMGLPT 500 0

16oz. Megaloc Thread Sealant

10yds Open Mesh CHEMOPMSH10 500 24

10yds Open Mesh

5yds Open Mesh CHEMOPMSH5 500 24

5yds Open Mesh

6lb Pro Dope CHEMPROD6 500 6

6lb Pro Dope

8oz. Pro Dope CHEMPROD8 500 0

8oz. Pro Dope

1gal. Pro Dope (128oz.) CHEMPRODG 500 0

1gal. Pro Dope (128oz.)

16oz. Pro Dope CHEMPRODPT 500 12

16oz. Pro Dope

PVC Shower Pan Liner Cement CHEMPSPLC 500 0

PVC Shower Pan Liner Cement

8oz. PVC Glue CHEMPVCG8 500 12

8oz. PVC Glue