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  • We have various kinds of fittings from black and galvanized malleable fittings , brass fittings, cast iron threaded fittings, cast iron hubless fittings, no hub couplings, extra heavy fittings, copper fittings, and specialty fittings and more.......

    Blk Malleable Thread Fittings
    Brass Fittings
    Bronze Flare Fittings

    Carbon Forged O-Let Fittings
    Carbon Seamless Steel Weld Ftgs

    Cast Iron Flange Fittings

    Cast Iron Hubless (No Hub) Ftgs
    Cast Iron Thread Fittings-Steam
    Chrome Plate Bronze Fittings
    Copper Fittings

    Extra Heavy Hub Fittings
    No Hub & Flexible Coupling/Caps
    PVC Drainage Fittings
    Service Weight Hub Fittings

    Tite Seal Service Weight Gaskets
    Tp Bronze Fittings
    Tp X Copper Fittings