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PEX-RAY Fittings

  • PEX is a water plumbing system constructed from high density polyethylene tubes.
  • PEX fittings are used to connect PEX tubings.
  • We stock pex fittings from 1/2" up to 3/4"
  • Material: ASTM F 1807

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Pex Ball Valve
Pex Coupling
Pex Crimp Ring
Pex Drop Ear Elbow

Pex Elbow
Pex Female Adapter
Pex Male Adapter
Pex Maniflold

Pex Plug
Pex Tee
Pex X female Sweat Adapter
Pex X Female Sweat Elbow

Pex X Male Sweat Adapter
Pex X Male Sweat Elbow